June 13, 2019

Hello everyone RH again, 

   Do you know where your food is being raised or are you trusting the labels that the big industries put on just to make another sale? Well today I want to share with you why we are so passionate about building a relationship with our customers and why your health does matter to us. 

  In todays world we are always on the go and always looking for a quick meal, quick fix, and something good for nothing. Like the saying goes you get what you pay for. I want to bring to light something that has changed my families life forever. When we moved to Missouri my mother in law got diagnosed with cancer along with fighting MS. She wasn't doing good at all. We knew there had do be something we could do. In Gods word it says my people perish from a lack of knowledge. Well its like God was giving us the knowledge. We have always seen how nutrition is the best medicine for our livestock, so how could it be any different for us? So Carissa had been doing lots of research on how we should be eating. Finally Carissa told her mom we are starting tomorrow which ended up being a Friday night I will never forget it. It ended up not being a diet but a lifestyle change (I still fail on it lol). 

   There for awhile the changes were happening but slowly. It would be real easy to get discouraged but being that we all were doing it helped. I believe we are 2 years into it now and Christine is off all her medicines but one and you wouldn't know she has MS. Carissa quit having Migraines I quit having stomach issues like not having to take country dumps anymore lol. Carl quit having joint problems and Coldar started getting more energy and getting his levels back to normal. Its sad that we had to see one of our family members suffering to get us to change what we were doing. All the medicines were just band aiding the problems. The CURE was Nutrient Dense Foods. 


   The only way we can change our circumstances is by voting with our food dollars. When you buy from a big industry that just sees you as another dollar and isn't open about what they are saleing you or let you have a tour of there farm/ranch then there is something that they are hiding from you. By supporting a local Rancher/Farmer your helping a family owned busssines that cares about you, stay in business. I hope this challenges you to get healthier and go support a local Rancher/Farmer. 


God Bless,

RH Whitten 

   PS. Some good books to read 

    Dirt To Soil, Gabe Brown       

    Holistic Management, Allen Savory

    Folks This Aint Normal, Joel Salitin 

    A Soil Owner's Manual, Jon Stika 

The Important Things in Life!!

Jun 10th, 2019